Aiki Järviste 

Pärnu, Estonia

Photography is my hobby.

My special love is black and white photography. But I greet a splash of color too. LensBaby is my playground. I catch moments, emotions, patterns and light around me. I am happy if you like.

My Flickr site

Member of Pärnu Photoclub since 2012

Member of Estonian Society of Photographic Art since 2015.

Member of group F8 since 2015


Participation in exchibitions:

2011 Personal exchibition „By Myself“  in the gallery of Pärnu Hospital

Have participated the annual Contest of Pärnu County since 2009.
2011 main prize „Wind“
2012 one of two main prizes „Thret“
2013 special prize „Pasunasse“
2014 one of two main prizes „Stretching the wings“
2016 prize of Linnagalerii 

2012-2020 annual exchibitions of Pärnu Photoclub (Pärnu concerthall, +different locations)

2012 exchibition of Estonian PhotoArt (by Estonian Society of Photographic Art) in Tallinn

participated on pinhole photography exchibition in Viljandi 
exchibition "Competition of Estonian Photoclubs" in Viljandi (organized by Viljandi Photoclub)
exchibition of group F8 in Parikaste Maja, Tallinn

exchibition of group F8 in Pärnu Citygallery
awarded on Estonian Annual Nature Photo contest in category "World's Nature"
exchibition F8/3 in Kuressaare, Saaremaa

exchibition of group F8/4 in Pärnu Citygallery
Exchibition of Pärnu Photoclub in Tartu, Ruunipizza
"Corners and behind the corners of Pärnu" together with A. Adamson in Pärnu Collage
F8/5 in Tartu library
F8/6 in Vaasa library gallery, Finland

F8/7 Endla, Pärnu
F8/8 Kiek in de Kök, Tallinn
Pärnu Photoclub in  Treiman and in Tartu, Ruunipizza
F8 "Pärnu, tänapäeva kuurort" on Pärnu beach

F8/9 Future was yesterday - FotoFest 2019 - in Pärnu Central Library
Under this blue sky - FotoFest2019 - in Pärnu Central Library (cyanotypes, personal ecxhib)
Under this blue sky - Tartu, Ruunipizza (cyanotypes, personal exchib)
On the roads of Rail Baltic (Pärnu, Tartu, Tallinn parlament building)
1.prize for a flora-photo in the contest of Eesti Loodus (Estonian nature)

FotoFest 2020 "Error"
On the roads of RB - in Kuressaare
Personal exchibition of cyanotypes in Tallinn, Photomuseum until the summer 2021
participating in a project "Dialogues of the isolationtime"
"Just look at!" BW streetphotography, personal exchibition in Tartu, Ruunipizza
participating in Juhan Kuus Docphoto center "40 years of streetphotography in Estonia"

FotoFest 2021 "Alienation": F8/X - Deviation in Endla theatre; Pärnumaa Photo Annual in library
Personal exchibition "Dancing  to freedom" in Tartu, Ruunipizza
"Isolation dialogues" - a book has been published and an exchibition opened in Jaan Seegi Gallery, Tallinn
"Go to the forest!" - personal exchibition in Pärnu Library, July 2021


2013, 20152016,  2017, 2018, 2020, 2021 participated  in Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 


participating in a book "RB radadel" (on the roads of Rail Baltic) (2019)

a book "Pärnu Photoclub" by Aiki Järviste (2018)
a photobook about Pärnu by group F8 (2015)

article about F8 by Annika Haas in magazine "Positiiv", summer 2017
article about F8 by Marko Toomast in magazine "Positiiv", spring 2021